Welcome to my blog 🙂

I’m Donna, I’m 31 (although when asked quite recently I may have said I was 24- I think I’ll stick to 24 in my head). I have a wonderful fiance who I have been with forever and a day 15 years to be exact . We have 2 wonderful children (most of the time they are wonderful), our daughter is 5 and our son is 4 months old. As anyone with children will know sometimes it can be “mayhem”.

I have always wanted to write a blog and to document our families highs and lows but was always to concerned about other people thoughts-however now I have decided that some people will love it and others not so much and that is OK.

I hope that people will enjoy reading my blog and getting to know me and my family through my  posts. The main things I plan on posting about are:

  • Slimming World Recipes that are Family Friendly and on a Budget.
  • Fun family things to do
  •  Arts and Crafts
  • Baking
  • Parenting Topics- as they arise

The topics are not limited to these and may change. Looking forward to getting to know you and getting feedback from you all on the various topics . Don’t forget to check out my social media (in few weeks when I get the hang of it ) for updates on whats happening in the madhouse. #mammysmayhem


In the words of Jill Churchill:

“there is no way to be the perfect mother but there is a million ways to be a good one”