This is an apology to all the people in Slimming World who have been on plan 100% with the the following results :

  • stayed the same
  • up 1/2
  • or down 1/2

My usually cheery response to this is:

“Oh not to worry you will prob see it next week at the scales”  “Don’t give up now and undo all your hard work that’s the worst thing you can do!”

I was completely on plan the past two weeks, food diaries and exercising and what do I have to show for it?

I have lost a 1/2 lb and I’m so disheartened!!! All my hard work for that little reward!!

I am so f**king pi**ed off with Slimming world (like that makes sense) and  all the food I missed out on when I was being good over the 2 weeks, things like takeaways that I made fakeaways for and all the treats I refused and had some speedy fruit and yogurt!

So what does any normal person that’s trying to loose weight do !!!!! Keep trying?? NO!!!!! Eat everything that’s not nailed down in my house. I mean everything even things I don’t really like.

Why would I do that? The reason for this is I am an emotional eater- I eat when I am stressed or upset and I really need to work on this for myself. I feel that I can break the habit as I have done this before when I attended Slimming World- I just need to get it in to my head that this is a new way of eating and its not at diet for a short term result that its a lifestyle change for me. This for me is the head-space I need to be in and it just has to click for me.

In the past when I had a really bad week like this I would allow it to spiral and not attend group for a few weeks and continue to eat out of control until I decided to rejoin and start the journey all over again- but not this time I shall face the scales on Tuesday evening.  Wednesday will bring a new week which I will be prepared for- I will do a meal plan for the week and then it will be back to normal and back on track.

I think I need to remember also that 1/2lb x 52 weeks = 26lbs  that’s 2lbs shy of 2 stone so here’s to all the 1/2lbs Im going to loose in the future.

So stayed tuned and see how I get on. Please feel free to comment with some of your motivation. I’ll need it 🙂

Again I am so sorry for my cheery disposition any time another member looses a little after a lot of effort- its very hard. In saying that lets not give up and keep going and reach our target 1/2lb at a time 🙂