This is such a dangerous area to get a discussion going on as everyone has their own ideas and group that they fit in to, for example there are so many types/styles of parents. I went searching for types of parenting there are many. I have chosen  a link to share with you. The link outlines roughly each parenting style.

Please click here for a list of parenting styles

I know a lot of parents who when asked the question :

What style of parenting do you follow? the reply usually is ________________and that’s the end of it there is no room for change or diversity.

When I began writing my blog ( 6 years ago- but only publishing it now) I wanted to include a piece about me as a mother.What type of mother am I? What parenting style we follow in our house, this would be vital in connecting with “like minded parents”. Well I can tell you here and now- there is no “style”, basically we play it by ear.

While I was reading through the options to trying  and pigeon hole my self and my style of parenting in to 1 area I actually couldn’t. When we transitioned from one child to, two children we had to adapt our parenting style accordingly. Both of us parent differently and believe it or not it really works.

Daddy is: “We are going to Carlow, coats,hats shoes and lets go now”

Mammy is more: Now lads we are going to get in the car and put on our seat belts and then, we need to got to the petrol station to get diesel. Mammy will just run in and pay for the diesel I wont be two mins, Daddy will be in the car with you. Then we have to go over the bridge and up the road to where we visit the cousins, but we aren’t visiting him we are going to Carlow.  Come on now and we get all our bits and pieces before we go.”
(I could go on until we get to Carlow but I’m hoping that I wont bore you to tears with my posts)

So you can see from the dialogue that we are totally different types of people. We generally don’t shout unless its immediate danger or joking. If Daddy shouts its met laughter and merriment, all taken in good fun. Mammy on the other had may leave a shout and its usually met with tears and ” why are you shouting you frightened me” Mammy tends to keep things light hearted to avoid the tears situation.

So I guess this just an overview of how we parent we are “al a carte parents” we just pick the best bits for the situation and use them.

I love to hear what other peoples opinions are, and what dynamics work in your house?