So I’ve rejoined slimming world………this is my 2nd journey let me tell you a little about the first time…

After I had Ella in 2011 I was severely overweight and it was nothing to do with my pregnancy,I was always overweight from an early age it was something that I have struggled with. Always on a diet or a fad, always the fat girl in the group of girls in school. None of the diets or plans worked for me. I was kinda cheating myself saying “ah sure I’m grand”

Then when I saw the 1st family photo……….


So I joined slimming world !!! It was so easy to loose weight….(really it is you just need to put your mind to it)

3  easy steps

  • Free food
  • Speed food
  • 5-15 syns

It was an easy process for me as I liked all the foods (most of them anyway- struggle with quark) on the plan.

I lost 3 stone and almost reached my target…….

Delighted with life- got pregnant again and kept my weight down during my pregnancy. Our son was born in October and then all hell broke loose slimming world baby, school runs, lack of sleep and the BIG finale to top it all off Christmas!!!!!!!
” I’ve only had a baby” excuse was bashed around quite a bit 2 1/2 stone in fact.

So I’ve been steadily gaining weight since then- I decided to bite the bullet and rejoin. This is not my 1st rodeo so I know the score!!

I’ve decided to document my weekly journey on my mammy mayhem blog….. hopefully loosing my weight and helping and inspiring others as I do.



So stay tuned for part 2 after baby #2