So you are in the hippy clan as my father so eloquently described us!!

Did I take offence? Nope! We are making small changes in our lives to become sustainable. The more we do, the more I see that we can do.

I did start this journey a few times and failed miserably, this was because I became overwhelmed by the vastness of what I had undertaken.  Now we have a very Eco conscious 8 year old watching our every move. I have decided to change my approach, small steps everyday.

The reason I feel that my daughter is so Eco conscious is the excellent school she attends- they teach the children about the planet and how humans are effecting the planet. We also visited the Seal Rescue in Co Wexford, our tour guide explained how the plastic is effecting our oceans and wildlife- for me personally this was an eye opener. Our tour guide was adamant that one person or family making small changes makes a big difference- this really spurred me on to make our changes.

Some of the tiny changes that we have made are as follows :

(Disclaimer I know some of these are awful not to have been always doing – at least we are changing for the better)

  • washing out all our recycling.
  • we ordered a food bin for compost waste
  • bringing our glass to the bottle bank not sneaking it in to the blue bin. (this was all me )
  • collecting our batteries and returning them to Aldi 
  •  making an Eco brick with all our soft plastics, until very recently I was not aware that these were not recyclable.
  • making a shopping list and meal plan in order to stop food waste. We got some great tips that ill be sharing. We also got the pasta measure and the cups measure.
  • planted seeds to grow our own food, there will be another post all about this. i really have found it fascinating ( ill keep you updated on Instagram)


Growing our food has been so satisfying and educational for the children, they watched the little seeds they planted grow and take such pride in bring home our produce.(even if they don’t east it yet)

We have grown a few easy bits and pieces for our 1st attempt.  We grew lettuce, rocket leaves, beetroot, onion, carrot and kale. So far we have been successful and are expecting a good harvest. To even type this about ourselves seems surreal. The benefits of growing our own food has many advantages, teaching the children about where food really comes from.

We will be adding to this list as time goes on, my plan is to get super good at these and then increase.

Before I was an all or nothing kind of person and more often than not it ended up nothing!!!! So I am taking a different approach with this. Small steps for big changes is going to be our motto.