I’m sick and tired of never ending to do list!!! its overwhelming there is so much to be done in any given week. With every week that passes the bloody list lengthens and its soul destroying.

There were numerous lists in this house at one point:

  • Jobs around the house(never ending )
  • Meal Plans for the week ahead
  • Food Diary for slimming world
  • Food Shopping
  • Miscellaneous shopping
  • Appointments/college/work schedules
  • The Bins (not my business himself is the the self designated bin person,  but still )
  • After school activities for the eldest lady

When the the lists above had not been completed it started to get me down, thinking “What the actual F have I been doing all day?” Never mind an innocent question from himself!!!!!!

You have all these lists and some days not 1 tick on any of them!!!!!

Eventually I stopped making lists and then this made me even more anxious because I was forgetting the simplest of things so I need lists and schedules but  i also needed a way to feel like i have accomplished some thing in a day so I designed my own list a

Mammy’s Mayhem TADA LIST

This is what I have on mine, but they are so easy to make up to suit your house too. We have become very conscious of the environment in our house as we are trying to produce less waste. So we have laminated a list and use a white board marker and reuse instead of printing 7 each week ( this would be my preference but we need to mind the planet)

The result of this new list? It makes me feel so much better to see what I have done in the day- even if its been undone 100 times.

I know some people will think this is a crazy idea- but it works for me 🙂

Please feel free to get your copy here.

What helps you keep on top of your day?

laminate and dry wipe marker tip